UNE is a coalition of companies with over 15 years of experience in the field of cloud services, differentiated from each other and targeting different market segments. The companies join forces to:

  • Appraise costs and increase ARPU
  • Optimize the catalog of services and relationships with suppliers
  • Enlarge automation management business to gain competitiveness
  • Develop infrastructure security with more powerful and reliable data centers
  • Assist in marketing strategy, amplifying investment and advertising presence and flexible trade policy
  • Maximize customer confidence in our brands, thanks to a higher level of service and a national presence in the group.

A different, competitive and specialized model that ensures the future of the trading of Cloud Services

What does UNE?

UNE Cloud Services Group provides an evolution to the traditional domain and hosting Spanish sector allowing them to evolve into a renewed positioning of IaaS and SaaS, a solution without a strong investment and reducing the overhead costs.

UNE Cloud Services Group is positioned in the Spanish market as a group with extensive experience in cloud services, capable of meeting all current technological needs of small, medium and large businesses by providing them cloud services: SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.
The companies who make UNE offer cloud services efficiently and profitably, for what we use and infrastructure management platforms generation, we work and we have agreements with leading brands, we implemented the most advanced virtualization technologies in the market, and we have a team specialized and professional with years of experience in the sector.

Our Alliances

We have agreements with the leading brands in the market.

Cisco:Routers manufacturer of components and most prestigious network market.

Veeam: with the newest capabilities of the sector provides fast, flexible and reliable applications and virtualized data recovery.

Fortinet: leading provider of comprehensive security network in real time.

NetApp: provides integrated data storage solutions that help you make the most of virtualization.

Dell: over 30 years offering hardware.

VMWare: market leader in virtualization technology.

Parallels:global leader in cloud services and hosting platform solutions.