The management platform is UNE Parallels Automation , automation platform most widely adopted by large operators and telecomunicacniones hoster. This platform allows for maximum automation and efficiency throughout the sales process, both IaaS and SaaS, with automatic provisioning of services when a user or customer makes a purchase from any of the online stores or from the client panel. From sourcing platform also performs fully automated sending communications shower, renovations, etc. and recurring billing and collection of active services.

The platform is complemented by the largest group of technology experts Parallels of Spain, accumulating 260 total Parallels certifications and is one of the teams of the world's largest in this set of technologies. This team accumulated extensive experience since 2009 in areas such as the configuration of platforms and online shops, and injections of customer migration and data on this platform, development of APS (Application Packaging Standard) for integrating applications on the platform, and the development of plugin for the combination of external systems with the platform.



UNE has two own data centers within the premises of ONO in Valencia and Santander, which group provides the infrastructure for high availability, high security and balancing.

The strength of the operator and the characteristics of our data center: network infrastructure quality and performance, environmental control systems, fire protection, redundant processing center to ensure an uninterrupted power supplies, and physical security measures; coupled with our experienced team of systems engineers certify a product backed by a high-caliber service SLA.

UNE is also registered member of RIPE, the body that governs the IP assignments n Europe, so it has its own addressing and led.

Web Presence

Create your website in just three steps; selected from thousands of designs which represent activity of your company, customized with a simple interface Drag & Drop and publish.


Create your store easily with professional templates, file manager, images and videos, statistics, backups and e-Commerce modules SPE.


Applications like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Moodle ready to install and updated to the latest version.

Google Apps

Working in the cloud from anywhere with google productivity suite that includes email, calendar and documents.


In 5 minutes you will have all spam protected mailboxes and all users in your domain with 80% savings on expenses.

Veeam Backup and Replication

Comprehensive backup and replication solution for VMware environments.


Create Java or PHP environments in seconds and easily.

Cloud hosting

More than 15 years of providing web hosting, I can now enjoy the benefits shared hosting cloud.


Virtual servers with standard firewall service included, with different plans and extensions to suit your requirements

Cloud privado

Your own data center in the cloud with VMWare technology; create virtual machines, clone, migrate, resize or balance everything according to your needs at all times.

Public Cloud

Cloud Platform with VMWare technology, scalable, highly available, load balancer and management of machines and hot storage.

Domain Registration

We are accredited registrars with over 15 years experience and over 100,000 managed all domain extensions in the world.

SSL Certificates

We offer security certificates to 256 bit encryption and best brands to keep your website completely secure.

Administration and maintenance of systems

Through our team of highly qualified system administrators offer advanced service management and Premium. Services include maintenance of systems, hardening, troubleshooting or optimization services.


Our monitoring service provides complete control over both major hardware server resources (CPU, memory, disk) and services in the same run. It is a comprehensive tool with graphical status and progress, reporting, automatic issuance of notices and monitored by our technical staff 24x7x365 systems.